Lake Harbour Kimmirut Airport

Kimmirut Airport is located in Kimmirut, Nunavut, Canada, and is operated by the Government of Nunavut. The airport elevated lighting solutions was our focus.

The airport serves as a port of call for air carriers offering scheduled and charter passenger service and is operational for 24 hours per day, seven days per week, day and night.

Signalight is a manufacturer and supplier for complete systems of lighting equipment for airports, offering a complete system of runway lights such as runway edge lights, threshold lights, end lights, approach lights, taxiway lights. The runway lights systems can be low or medium intensity (including low intensity obstruction lights and medium intensity obstruction lights). We are also manufacturing controllers for powering and controlling the lights.

The airport is providing flight operations and needed to be equipped with complete lighting system, helping pilots to do landing and takeoff safely, any time, no matter the environmental conditions.
The airport runway is extremely important, being the area where aircrafts take off and land so, the lighting is mandatory at night and in any low visibility conditions.

Airport lighting Runway products need to be ICAO compliant (aviation international regulations) and they should be clearly visible, work continuously and easy to maintain.

The airport needed lighting solutions for a maximum visibility and easy to adapt into existing structures.
The airport elevated lights provided by Signalight were the best option:

  • Vista Runway Edge lights
  • Vista Runway End lights
  • Vista Threshold lights
  • Vista Threshold end lights

All these airport elevated lighting solutions are flexible and reliable, functional in any kind of environmental conditions and, also, manufactured according to international requirements.
All the Signalight products and lighting systems are certified/compliant according to international standards ICAO, FAA.

The performant VISTA system designed and manufactured by Signalight in Romania was recognized at Inter Airport Europe, being awarded with the Innovation Award.

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Lake Harbour Canada

Project Information

Location Lake Harbour Airport Kimmirut
Date October, 2021

Products used in this project

Runway Threshold End elevated light

Vista Threshold End

AL 104-04-GR/RE

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