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News from Signalight. Here is our active side. If we have launched something, been somewhere, or took part in something new, you will find it here.

News from Signalight. Introducing here all our important and recent news. This is our active side. Thank you for being interested in our updates. Feel free to access this area whenever you want to find out more about us or just send us a message for more details. We aim to be in contact with our stakeholders and share our success or accomplishments. Your input is also important for us and together we can build an aviation industry more secure for all the people and create more value.

At Signalight we are deeply connected with the aviation industry and our public, being an active presence at international fairs, pitches, networking, or celebration events.

We are developing as our industry is developing and we are in trend with the latest demands of our clients. Technology, innovative lighting solutions for the aviation field, being eco-friendly, design and manufacturing low consuming and ease maintenance lighting products are our strengths and we emphasize it all these in our day to day activities.

We are thrilled to announce our latest international recognitions such as the Innovation Award received at Inter Airport Munchen for our Vista airport lighting products. It’s such a great way to recognize our team involvement and capabilities.

More about us – if we have launched something, been somewhere, or took part in something new – you will find it here, in News in Insights area. Explore this section end be updated with our latest activities and aviation industry insights.

If you want to find out more about our recent projects successfully delivered all around the world please visit the Projects section. There you can see all the details including our lighting products and solutions for specific projects and we keep you informed with our latest involvement in lighting heliports and airports around the world.

All details about the capabilities of our lighting products and lighting solutions can find it on our website. If you want to become a distributor contact us to see how we can build together a successful partnership.

Customizable lighting systems from Signalight

Did you know that Signalight also develop custom lighting products and systems? Here are the steps: 1. Together with the Client we define the requirements 2. We design the product 3. We create a 3D model and some simulations that we send to the Client 4. We receive feedback from the Client 5. We review, […]

Elevated TLOF lights – the best fit for the heliports

The Heliport Elevated Lights – Heliport TLOF lights – are steady omnidirectional green lights designed for marking the Touchdown and Lift-Off (TLOF) area of the heliport. They can be also used on elevated heliports with limited space available, where FATO and TLOF areas could be the same, so only TLOF lights are proper to be […]

Heliport lights – complete lighting solutions produced by SIGNALIGHT

Heliport lighting products ensure the take-off and landing of helicopters in optimal conditions. Helicopters are an extremely efficient transport solution. They are fast and require a small landing area, given their vertical landing. Travel speed is obviously higher than other solutions of transport within cities or over distances between cities. We can think in this regard […]

Certified Obstruction, obstacle lights from SIGNALIGHT

SIGNALIGHT is a top manufacturer of light obstruction system for airports, heliports and for any field that needs obstacles marking. SIGNALIGHT is a company, member of Electromax, with an extended experience of over 22 years in the design, manufacture and testing products with high intensity LEDs. Obstacle lights are frequently used to signal tall buildings, […]

Obstruction lighting system, lighting for safety

Obstruction lights provide a safe and comfortable working environment for aircraft and airport staff. The main purpose of obstruction lights is to signal the aeronautical obstacles for pilots. Proper lighting helps pilots to identify obstacles during the night and some time during the day. SIGNALIGHT is a top manufacturer of airport lighting and heliport lighting products, obstruction […]