Shahdag mountain resort, Azerbaijan

Shahdag Mountain Resort is a significant tourism destination named after mount Shahdag, located 29 km from Gusar city, in Azerbaijan, with great opportunities for winter sports.

Being a touristic destination, the construction of an heliport was necessary.
Signalight delivered a range of dedicated heliport lighting products:

  • Inset TLOF – lighting and beaconing
  • Inset FATO – marking the Final Approach and Take Off Area of the heliport
  • Floodlight 20W – lighting and beaconing
  • Glide Path indicator – giving luminous information to the pilot for the night landing with the helicopter in severe operating conditions

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Project Information

Location Shahdag mountain resort, Azerbaijan
Date May, 2019

Products used in this project

Glide path indicator for heliport

Glide Path Indicator


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