Portable Lights System Fès–Saïs Airport Morocco

Fez Saïss Airport

Fez Saïss Airport (IATA: FEZ, ICAO: GMFF) is an international airport serving Fez, the second largest city in Morocco after Casablanca.
The airport was cross the million passengers mark in 2017 by totalizing 1,115,595 travelers. Is the fourth Airport in Morocco.

The runway length is 3,200m and 45m wide.

We used 130 solar powered portable light for the runway edge, threshold and end light.

The control system is made by radio and covers all the light from the control tower.

From the software platform you can control the lamps individually or in groups.

All lamps have integrated GPS sensor, light sensor and temperature sensor. Once started the lamp is automatically placed on the map in the real position according GPS coordinates.

Airport Portable light charger racks

Project Information

Location Fès–Saïss Airport, Morocco
Application ,
Date June, 2020

Products used in this project

Polaris TND

Polaris Threshold End

AL 114-04-GR-RE

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