Przejście Graniczne Siemianówka-Swisłocz Heliport

Peformant heliport lighting system was designed and manufactured by Signalight during this project, including the following illuminating products:

• Inset TLOF
• Inset FATO
• Elevated Approach

Inset TLOF and Inset FATO are having electrical characteristics that are making it a low power consumption products.

Inset TLOF is a product designed for marking the Touchdown and Lift-Off area. This illuminating product is certified according to international standards: ICAO and IEC TS 61827.

Inset Heliport FATO is a product designed for the Final Approach and Take-off area. This illuminating product is also certified according to international standards: ICAO and IEC TS 61827.

As usually, Signalight is using top quality materials for the products, including for performant heliport lighting system in order to manufacture long-lasting solutions for illumination in the aviation field, as follows:
• Housing powder-coated aluminum, RAL 1004 (aviation yellow)
• Diffuser made from hardened glass, flange nickel-plated ring
• Nickel-plated brass cable gland
• Stainless steel fasteners
Also, the light fixtures are provided with an anti-condensation valve and are UV protected. These characteristics make the heliport / helipad lighting products operational even in difficult environmental conditions.

Elevated approach lights are steady and flashing omnidirectional white lights indicating a preferred approach direction. The lights comply with ICAO standards
Elevated approach lights are aligned in a cross shape to create the approach lighting system: a row of three lights at 30 m intervals and a crossbar of five lights on 18 m at a distance of 90 m from the perimeter of the FATO.
If there is important to make the final approach course more conspicuous, it may need additional lights spaced uniformly at 30 m intervals added beyond the
crossbar, steady or sequenced flashing. That depends on the environment.
The approach elevated lights were tested to be functional in difficult environments from -50 to + 50 °C. Also, the lights are having a degree of protection IP 67 and are UV protected. The exposed surface to the wind is low so it can withstand strong wind.

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Project Information

Location Przejście Graniczne Siemianówka-Swisłocz
Date January, 1970

Products used in this project

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