Hellenic Air Force’s 117 Combat wing air base

Hellenic Air Force’s 117 Combat wing air base (Andravida Airport)

Arresting gear marking system is Signalight product manufactured and delivered for this project for Hellenic Air Force’s 117 Combat wing air base (Andravida Airport) in Elis, Greece.
Andravida Air Base is a military airport operated by the Hellenic Air Force housing the 117th Combat Wing with the mission to maintain a high level of readiness and effectiveness and to undertake and successfully execute air operations at any time. In these conditions, having a proper illuminating system is mandatory.

For this military airport, Signalight provided airport lighting solutions for the luminous marking of the arresting gear.
An arresting gear, or arrestor gear, is a mechanical system used to rapidly decelerate an aircraft when it lands. Arresting gear on aircraft carriers is an essential component of naval aviation, and it is most commonly used on CATOBAR and STOBAR aircraft carriers. Similar systems are also found at land-based airfields for expeditionary or emergency use. Typical systems consist of several steel wire ropes laid across the aircraft landing area, designed to be caught by an aircraft’s tailhook. During a normal arrestment, the tailhook engages the wire and the aircraft’s kinetic energy is transferred to hydraulic damping systems attached below the carrier deck.

Arresting gear marking system manufactured by Signalight have the form of an internally-lighted yellow translucent circle, approximately 39 inches / 1 meter in diameter, on a square black background.

All the Signalight airport lighting products and lighting systems are certified/compliant according to international standards ICAO, FAA.
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arresting gear marking

Project Information

Location Andravida Airport, Greece
Date July, 2021

Products used in this project

Arresting Gear Marking

Arresting Gear Marking


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