Heliport Estonia

Heliport Inset TLOF lights used in this project are designed and manufactured by Signalight.
A heliport is designed and equipped for helicopters to take off and land. It comprises the touchdown and lift-off area (TLOF) and the final approach and take-off area (FATO). This is why lighting is very important.

For this Estonian heliport, Signalight provided Inset TLOF lights product as a heliport lighting product, useful for the landing and take-off area of the heliport.

• This type of lighting are operating in -55 to +55 Celsius degree environment conditions
• The light fixtures are having a degree of protection IP X8, being provided with an anti-condensation valve
• All the light fixtures are UV protected
• High power LED technology is an important feature for having high performant illuminating products for the aviation field.
We are an important manufacturer of LED-based lighting products.
• Signalight uses the latest technology for the design, development, and the testing of all the illuminating products and systems. The high-tech LEDs and the top-quality materials we use (polycarbonate, stainless steel, anodized aluminum, etc.) provide the durability of our product. Our products operate even in the most difficult environmental conditions.
• Our Inset TLOF is lightweight (1.5 kg), low-energy consuming and environment-friendly lighting fitting

Regarding electrical specifications, heliport Inset TLOF lights are low power consumption: 6W. The power supply can be made in two versions:
• 48V DC from controller – dimmable: 100%, 30%, 10%
• 90-230V, 50/60Hz – non dimmable

We design and product Inset TLOF with simplicity and ease of maintenance in mind. This is a main advantage of Signalight illuminating products.

All the Signalight heliport / helipad lighting products and systems are certified/compliant according to international standards ICAO, FAA and are available for project all around the world.

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Project Information

Location Estonia
Date May, 2021

Products used in this project

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