Runway Guard Light

High Intensity Runway Guard Light

Certified According to Standards:

  • ICAO – Annex 14, Volume I – Aerodrome Design and Operations
  • FAA:
    • AC 150/5345-53 – Specifications for runway and taxiway light fixtures
    • AC 150/5345-46c – Airport winter safety and operations
    • AC 150/5200-30 – Design and installation details for airport visual aids
    • AC 150/5340-30 – Airport lighting equipment certification program
  • MIL-STD-810F – Military Standard – Environmental test methods and engineering guidelines
Product CodeAL-026-48-XX (XX = RE or AM)
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  • Housing – powder-coated aluminium, RAL 1004 (aviation yellow)
  • Anti glare visor – powder-coated aluminium, RAL 9005 (gloss black)
  • Diffuser – clear poly-carbonate
  • Cable gland – nickel-plated brass
  • Fastening system – powder-coated aluminium, RAL 1004 (aviation yellow)
  • Fasteners – stainless steel

Electrical Characteristics

  • Power consumption: 20W
  • Power supply: 6.6A from CCR or 110/230V AC from mains AC parallel lighting circuit 24V DC

Optical characteristics

  • made with yellow OSRAM LEDs
  • optional can be made with red LEDs
  • according ICAO annex 14 specification
  • light distribution and colorimetry test reports availablerunway guard light photometrics



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Runway Guard Light

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