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Inter Airport 2021

We returned victorious from München, with the Innovation Award for our VISTA system, but also with valuable information and knowledge. We have met great people and we enjoined a very well-organized event. Thank you, Inter Airport Europe ! Stay with us to be updated with our latest news and insights about lighting systems for airports, […]

Helipad lighting system by SIGNALIGHT – safety and precision

Helipad lighting system designed and manufactured by Signalight is a heliport lighting system whose efficiency is already tested by customers around the world who have chosen the Signalight brand.   These systems have the great advantage of being functional regardless of the environmental conditions, weather, visibility – even the most severe – in which they […]

Heliport lights – complete lighting solutions produced by SIGNALIGHT

Heliport lights ensure the take-off and landing of helicopters in optimal conditions. Helicopters are an extremely efficient transport solution. They are fast and require a small landing area, given their vertical landing. Travel speed is obviously higher than other solutions of transport within cities or over distances between cities. We can think in this regard […]

Obstruction lighting system, lighting for safety

Obstruction lights provide a safe and comfortable working environment for aircraft and airport staff. The main purpose of obstruction lights is to signal the aeronautical obstacles for pilots. Proper lighting helps pilots to identify obstacles during the night and some time during the day. SIGNALIGHT is a top manufacturer of airport lighting systems, heliport lighting […]