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Shining a light on opportunity

Signalight is an important international player in design and manufacture of illuminating aviation products and systems.
Our lighting complete solutions are guiding aircraft safely into airports and heliports all around the world.


We support the aviation industry through high efficient and reliable illuminating solutions, functional in any kind of environmental conditions. From North to South America, From Europe to Saudi Arabia and Africa, from Asia to Australia, we marked all the globe with our lighting products.


We ensure flexibility and full technical support to create custom projects according to our clients’ requirements or mass-scale production

At Signalight, we strive to create value for our clients.
The relationship with our distributors – as business partners – is essential for our success. We maintain successful long-term strategic partnerships through high standards of products and services and a healthy base of collaboration.
We leverage technology, innovation and we are committed creating long-standing value. Product quality, safety, and customer-centric approach are an integral part of our culture.


Our illuminating worldwide projects are already proved the quality of Signalight work and the latest recognition – Innovation Award for VISTA system – makes us proud.


Worldwide, we are collaborating with many aviation partners which we have solid, long-term, and mutually beneficial partnerships and who are directly promoting our lighting solutions.


We appreciate the vital role that distributors play in helping us meet the needs of our clients, so we foster healthy and mutually beneficial business partnerships. Through a large distributors chain, we are delivering high-quality products and we maintain our competitiveness.
We are always open for new business partnerships and we seek to do business with those partners with whom we can have a long-term, mutually beneficial relationship.


Whether you are a construction developer in the aviation field or a distribution company looking to grow a stable sales network based on high-quality products and solutions for the aviation lighting industry, Signalight is here to help.


If you are interested to become a distributor for Signalight, please get in touch with us.

Why become a distributor?

Signalight allows you to outsource everything related to designing, testing, simulations and manufacturing in the field of aviation lighting. We guarantee reliable solutions and reliable products, as our many projects worldwide can attest. Further more, we are a flexible partner which can create custom projects or mass scale production.

  • Accesible prices
  • High-quality products
  • Extensive experience
  • Technical support

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